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We are a tax exempt, public charity that has been helping to coordinate events for organizations that work in the
public interest, since 1974. We focus on supporting grass roots activities, with education, outreach, networking and
funding, in the areas of the environment and wildlife, social change, peace with justice, energy and a non nuclear future.
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Celebrating our 41st year of doing environmental, social change, cultural, & service events, 
while fundraising and publicizing organizations that work in the public interest. 
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Our hearts go out to Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. We are humbled by the peaceful and forgiving way the Church has handled the deaths of nine of its parishioners, including the Pastor and State Legislator, Clementa Pickney. 

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David Crosby Testimony ( Page 34 ) Click Here 

Honorable Commissioners: Good afternoon, my name is Bonnie Raitt. Thank you for letting us submit this testimony today. As I’m sure you’re aware, your responsibility for regulating these two reactors affects us all. Having lived within a few hours drive of Diablo Canyon since its beginning, I have been deeply concerned about the safety and viability of the reactors in light of past and now recent seismic studies pointing to the dangers of the plant being in such close proximity to several significant earthquake faults. As Californians, we are all worried about the devastation the radiation from Diablo could bring in the event of an earthquake or terrorist attack. We are counting on you to protect us and appreciate you considering the points we feel compelled to make here today. Now that renewable energy is so much cheaper than nuclear, we wonder why the plant is operating at all. Renewables can easily supplant all the energy Diablo produces. They will also create far more jobs than are currently sustained at the plant. We're concerned about the good people still working at Diablo, but we know many of them could stay on to decommission the reactors once their time comes to an end. 

We also know that the 2200 megawatts Diablo produces will be quickly replaced with solar and wind power, and that those renewable sources will create far more jobs than there are now at Diablo. Shutting it down will mean that jobs for solar installers, wind power technicians and the like will multiply to fill the gap. In the meantime, we have to ask you: Why is Dr. Michael Peck not being listened to? And why is he no longer working at Diablo Canyon? 

Dr. Peck was your own top inspector at the site. As we all know, he has warned that Diablo can't withstand the shocks that could be easily delivered by the dozen fault lines in the area. Those fault lines had not been discovered before construction began in 1968. The Hosgri was found by Shell Oil while Diablo was being built. The rest we learned about later. The newly found Shoreline Fault crosses within less than a thousand yards of the reactor cores. How can we believe that Diablo is strong enough to withstand earthquakes coming from these fault lines if they were not accounted for in the original blueprints and final construction more than 40 years ago? 

We know that Diablo is just 45 miles from the San Andreas fault. The quake that destroyed Fukushima was twice that distance from the reactors there. The owners of Fukushima repeatedly assured the public that its American-made reactors would withstand an earthquake and a tsunami. Neither was true. Why would we believe the same assurances about Diablo? We are told that because Diablo is on a high bluff, it won’t be affected by a tsunami. But the intake pipes are at sea level. Please explain to us how they are protected. We have also seen at Fukushima that the owner, Tokyo Electric Power, has not been held financially responsible for the damage it’s done to the health and property of people in the area. In fact, thanks to government bailouts, Tepco has turned Fukushima into a profit center. Because of the Price-Anderson Act, that would likely be the case at Diablo Canyon as well. If there’s a major catastrophe at Diablo, PG&E has very limited liability. And if put in charge of the clean-up, even after a terrible accident like Fukushima, the company could continue to make money. Tepco certainly has. In that context, why would we ever believe PG&E can be trusted to keep those reactors safe? 

There’s no time today to discuss the NRC’s cozy relationship with the industry it’s supposed to regulate. That would take hours. So given our limited time here, we want to urge you to finally act as truly independent regulators. We ask you to put the health and safety of the public first….ahead of the short-term needs of PG&E, ahead of the agenda of the nuclear power industry. It’s worth noting again: Dr. Michael Peck is clearly the expert who knows most about Diablo’s ability to withstand an earthquake. He does not believe it can. Why was he removed from his position here? And why isn’t he being listened to? For the safety of California, we ask you to shut Diablo now. Thank you for this opportunity to speak strongly and from my heart. 

Every day Diablo Canyon takes in 2.5 billion gallons of seawater and discharges that seawater back into the ocean, twenty degrees hotter. So much for nuclear power as a solution to global warming.... It has been estimated by biologists that more than 1.5 billion fish die annually in early life stages as a result of the antiquated cooling system at Diablo Canyon. 

While the State Water resources Control Board may be considering creating an interim mitigation fee, this fee won't do anything to address the loss of aquatic life, or the real cost of allowing this much ocean warming to go unchecked. 

Governor Brown has set very serious goals for the reduction of climate change in the near future. We need to do everything we can to meet those goals. Although it has been argued that nuclear power is clean and can help to meet climate change goals, that argument does not take into consideration the uranium mining portion of the process, which is anything but clean, or the storage of nuclear waste, which takes even more electricity to keep the waste cool. Because nuclear power plants like Diablo that are at risk of closing can’t compete with cheaper natural gas and renewables, this week the EPA announced States will no longer be able to meet their clean energy goals by extending the licenses of these nuclear power plants. 

At a time when the world's oceans are reeling from the effects of over fishing and pollution, and ocean acidification threatens the global oceans' ability to produce the marine life that supports all life on earth - including human life - it is unconscionable that 

this wasteful and unnecessary technology be allowed to continue its assault on the Pacific Ocean, and to slow our passage to a safe and sustainable energy future. 

Shut down Diablo Canyon today! 
Jackson Browne 

My friends Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and I started to oppose nuclear power by supporting proposition 15, the Nuclear SafeGuards Initiative in 1976. There were 6 plants under construction then and there were two in operation, Humbolt and San Onofre #1. 

Both of them….. now gone, shut down….“for safety reasons”. 

Of the six I mentioned completed, 4 have been shut down for “Financial and safety reasons”, only the two at Diablo Canyon remain and, as everyone knows, they were both built in active, dangerous seismic zones. We have participated, many times in raising funds, disseminating information and supporting local grass roots and national organizations to help empower people to act and will continue to do so in the future. 

My friends and I sincerely believe that the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is an accident waiting to happen. Please, if just for the sake of all our children and grand-children, we must try our best to see to it that dreadful, expensive accidents like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima never happen here. 

In hope, 
Graham Nash

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Tom Campbell 

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