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The Guacamole Fund


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We are a tax exempt, public charity that has been helping to coordinate events for organizations that work in the
public interest, since 1974. We focus on supporting grass roots activities, with education, outreach, networking and
funding, in the areas of the environment and wildlife, social change, peace with justice, energy and a non nuclear future.
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The Guacamole Fund is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax status.  It assists environmental, social change, cultural and service organizations by facilitating, organizing and producing benefit concerts, rallies, special ticket sales, receptions and media campaigns.  These activities serve to publicize and raise consciousness about issues that are important and timely to the social change and environmental process, as well as raise funds.  We research organizations that are actively involved in these issues and bring this information to the attention of members of the entertainment community.

The Guacamole Fund also serves as a sounding board for ideas and acts as an organizational and information service for members of the celebrity community and commercial production entities.  We are often asked by musicians and managers to assist in the evaluation of proposals they have received and/or produce or coordinate events for issues and organizations to which they are already committed. 

Whenever possible, we involve local community activists in our work.  We believe in the community event, which means that members of the community may play a significant role in the organizing of the actual event.  We also act as the liaison between the local organization, the artist, the venues and commercial entities.

Our staff members have coordinated events ranging from very large outdoor rallies with an attendance of 1,000,000 people, to benefit concerts in stadiums from 30,000 to 100,000, arenas from 2,500 to 20,000, concert halls and theaters from 400 to 6,400, and receptions from 25 to 250.  Our Ten/Four Club program offers artists an opportunity to raise funds for public interest work while on their commercial tours.  

We network with a wide variety of individuals and organizations from both the activists and entertainment communities and consult with them on media and fundraising strategies.  Guacamole Fund members have played significant roles in over 1,200 cultural, educational, environmental, social change and service events since 1974.

The Guacamole Fund welcomes donations from any and all sources.  The donation can be directed towards specific areas of concern or for general support of our work. Our tax exempt ID number is: 33-0619556. 

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